Black Sails Episode (1×08) Review – “VIII”

Black Sails Goes Out With a Bang, But Still Manages To Leave Its Audience Holding Their Hats I think everyone can agree that Starz’ newest series, Black Sails, was a great idea but wasn’t always executed properly. Blame Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean if you will, but most people expect pirate action-adventure stories to be… […]

Black Sails Episode (1×07) Review – “VII”

“One of Us” in this episode of Black Sails Leading into the season finale, this week’s episode of Black Sails tied up some loose ends, and prepares viewers for a major showdown in next week’s season finale. Last week, Charles Vane rowed ashore to a mysterious island to visit a man who supposedly holds the key to […]

Black Sails Episode (1×06) Review – “VI”

Man Overboard! in this episode of Black Sails After last week’s less than stellar episode, this week’s episode of Black Sails was definitely better. Not only did we see pirates doing more piratey things, but we also delved deeper into the various intrigues that run throughout the show. It was these intrigues, manipulations, and revelations […]

Black Sails Episode (1×05) Review – “V”

Flint and Billy Take Time Some for Honesty in “V” After last week’s practically boring episode, STARZ’s Black Sails decided to give viewers what they’ve been waiting for with an angry mob out for Eleanor’s blood, Vane deciding to go to war against Flint and Eleanor, and a bloody sea battle. Not only that, but […]

Black Sails Episode (1×04) Review – “IV”

Black Sails: Backstabbing, Fuck Tents and Boat Cleaning This week’s episode of Black Sails unraveled the mystery of Mrs. Barlow just as Eleanor and Flint believed they’d found the extra guns and men they need to go after the Orca de Lima. While Rackham tried to hold what’s left of Vane’s crew together, Vane drowned his […]

Black Sails Episode (1×03) Review – “III”

Black Sails Shows The Dark Side of Pirate Life in “III” Over the past two episodes we’ve seen Capt. Flint chase after a missing Capt. Log page containing the schedule of the Orca de Lima and its fabled treasure. While he and his men chased after the thief, Capt. Vane and his crew made port, […]

Black Sails Episode (1×02) Review – “II”

Starz’ Black Sails Kicks It Into High Gear This Week With “II” Last week may have been a bit slow due to much-needed character development, but Black Sails more than made up for it this week with “II.” While Flint and his men continued the race to find the sheet missing from the captain’s log, […]

Black Sails Review Episode (1×01) – “I”

Starz’ New Pirate Drama Black Sails Gets Off to a Slow Start This week, Starz’ long-awaited new series Black Sails debuted after much fanfare and hype. The pirate drama is set in 1715 and contains many characters from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island as well as real historical figures. At the heart series is Capt. […]