Being Human Episode (4×11) Review – “Ramona and the Pest”

Being Human’s Aidan, Sally, Josh and Nora Discover a Fifth Roommate The roommates dealt with an evil ghost, demented werewolves and a lovesick teen vampire as they struggled to make some major life choices this week on Being Human. After being imprisoned and tortured, Josh is having a hard time dealing with what happened, and […]

Being Human Episode (4×10) Review – “Oh Don’t You Die For Me”

Fans Get The Moment They’ve Been Waiting For, But With a Being Human Twist As the end of SyFy’s Being Human looms near all of the loose ends are beginning to be tied up. Josh’s struggle with his wolf has always separated him from other werewolves, and now that he’s come to accept who and what […]

Being Human Episode (4×08) Review – “Rewind, Rewind”

This Week Being Human Different Choices, “Time After Time” As SyFy’s Being Human draws to a close, we get a look at what life would have been like if the roommates made different choices. When we left off last week, Sally found herself back in the house mere moments before she died, but this time […]

Being Human Episode (4×07) Review – “Gallows Humor”

This Week Being Human Tackles Some Important Topics, But Failed to Connect All season long the Being Human crew has dealt with the fallout from the bad decisions they made last season. Sally dabbling in things she doesn’t understand is about to unmake the world (according to Donna), Aidan’s merry-go-round with his sobriety, and Josh’s […]

Being Human Episode (4×06) Review – “Cheater of the Pack”

“Tore Up From the Floor Up” in Being Human The four roomies have struggled with Being Human since they became supernatural. Out of the four, Josh and Nora seem to be the ones who’ve managed their situations the best. Until now. Josh’s wolf has completely taken over and if he doesn’t regain control he’ll lose […]

Being Human Episode (4×05) Review – “Pack It Up Pack It In”

This Week Being Human Threw the Ultimate Last Minute Werewolf Baby Shower For weeks the Being Human gang have been put through the wringer. Aidan and Nora spent the summer babysitting Josh’s wolf, while Sally got dragged into Purgatory. Since they’ve been back, life has been difficult, to say the least, but this week the guys […]

Being Human Episode (4×04) Review – “The Panic Womb”

Being Human Gives Birth to Werewolf Baby And Another Possible Generation of Monsters When we last saw the gang on Being Human, Nora was acting as Sally’s “Magician’s Assistant” and was rewarded with a burn free stomach. Meanwhile, Josh discovered that what ever Sally did to him changed him and made him even more volatile. […]

Being Human Review Episode (4×03) – “Lil’ Smokie”

SyFy’s Being Human Continues to Teach Us What it Means to Be Humans RELATED | American Horror Story Review Episode (3×13) “The Seven Wonders” I thought this week’s episode of Being Human was called “Lil’ Smokie” because of Kenny’s new status of head of the Boston Vampire Squad, but we later learn it has to […]

Being Human Review Episode (4×02) “That Time of the Month”

The Being Human Gang Find it Difficult to Let the Past Stay in the Past Now that the Being Human gang is back together things should be looking up, but every gift they’ve been given seems to come with strings attached. Nora has waited for three months to get her husband back, but now that […]

Being Human Episode (4×01) Review – “Old Dogs, New Tricks”

Being Human Reminds Viewers That Our Choices Will Come Back to Haunt Us SyFy’s Being Human returned for its fourth season taking the show in a new direction while keeping it familiar for long-time fans. When we left off last season, the four supernatural roommates had all made choices for short-term solutions, that will end […]