Black Sails Episode (1×08) Review – “VIII”

Black Sails Goes Out With a Bang, But Still Manages To Leave Its Audience Holding Their Hats I think everyone can agree that Starz’ newest series, Black Sails, was a great idea but wasn’t always executed properly. Blame Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean if you will, but most people expect pirate action-adventure stories to be… […]

Betrayal Episode (1×09) Review – “This Road Isn’t Even on The Map…”

Many Promises Were Made on This Week’s Betrayal, But Will They Prove Empty? After a two-week hiatus, ABC’s Betrayal returned this week with an all-new episode. “This Road Isn’t Even on The Map…” focused on how people give their hearts to people without any sort of guarantee. What makes someone believe they’ll be with their […]