The Blacklist Episode (1×17) Review – “Ivan”

The Truth About Tom Finally Came Out on This Week’s Episode of The Blacklist This week’s episode of The Blacklist had the team chasing after a teenaged cyber terrorist, but the real story was about Liz discovering the truth about her husband. All season long Tom has been under suspicion, but it was killing Lance Reddick […]

The Blacklist Episode (1×16) Review – “Mako Tanida”

The dreaded winter hiatus is over, and Red and the gang have returned to check off another name on The Blacklist. This week’s episode of The Blacklist was one of the best episodes, if not the best episode of the season. Seems like that was said last week, and the week before as well, but somehow […]

The Blacklist Episode (1×14) Review – “Madeline Pratt”

Shouldn’t We Synchronize Our Watches? In This Weeks The Blacklist The dreaded winter hiatus is over, and Red and the gang have returned to check off another name on The Blacklist. When we last saw them, Liz had decided to put the adoption on hold, while Tom flirted with Lucy Brooks. You know, the chick […]

The Blacklist Review Episode 1×12 – “The Cyprus Agency”

The Blacklist’s Mole Hunt Comes to an End Red puts Liz and the team on the trail of an adoption agency that doesn’t just find babies for people, but makes them on this week’s episode of The Blacklist. As the day nears for Liz and Tom’s new baby to arrive, Liz is forced to face […]

The Blacklist Review Episode (1×12) “The Alchemist”

Liz May Lose Her Husband to One of Red’s Projects Liz and Red may be growing closer, but she and Tom are growing further apart. This week on The Blacklist, the FBI hunts a man who “who protects the guilty by preying on the innocent,” while Red continued to hunt the mole. Meanwhile, Liz’ obsession […]

The Blacklist Review Episode (1×11) – “The Good Samaritan Killer”

The Blacklist’s Cat and Mouse Game Changes Now Reddington Is Back to Being One of the FBI’s Most Wanted NBC’s The Blacklist returns with a vengeance, but this time the tables have turned. Raymond “Red” Reddington is no longer in FBI custody, and has now resumed his place on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, but […]

The Blacklist Review: Episode 1×08 “General Ludd”

The Blacklist’s Case No. 109 Is Just Window Dressing For a Huge Reveal This week on The Blacklist, Liz and Red teamed up to stop a terrorist organization, “General Ludd,” named after a 19th century revolutionary. This group is headed by Nathaniel Wolfe (Weed’s Justin Kirk) who’s aim was to destabilize the U.S. economy. While […]

The Blacklist Episode 1×07 Review – “Frederick Barnes”

Red And Liz Try to Work Together Despite Differences The Blacklist crew worked to solve case #47, “Fredrick Barnes,” while dealing with personnel issues. Red was still on Liz’ shit list after it turned out he “lied” about Tom being a spy, and Liz was on the Bureau’s shit list for not turning in Tom […]

The Blacklist Episode 1×06 – “Gina Zanetakos” Review

The Blacklist Tricks Audience With Surprise Ending This week’s episode of The Blacklist followed Liz as she worked case number 152, Gina Zanetakos, in order to free her husband Tom of suspicion. While we begin the episode where we left off last week, with Tom confronting Liz about the box he discovered in the floor, the […]

The Blacklist Episode 1×05 – “The Courier” Review

“The Courier” The middle man for criminals and knows the truth about Tom in The Blacklist. NBC’s The Blacklist returned this week with an incredibly scary episode. In the episode Red and Liz were after a man called “The Courier, Who transported anything for money. And this weeks episode, the courier transported an M I T […]