Someone Always Talks: Cult Episode (1×07) Review – “Suffer the Children”

As Jeff and Skye continue their search for Nate, the two uncover Detective Sakelik’s hidden past. Raw from Burt’s death at the hands of the mysterious detective, Jeff is out for blood, but is afraid to endanger the lives of his remaining allies. Skye has been so busy helping Jeff, that she hasn’t noticed she […]

Higher Learning: Cult Episode (1×06) Review – “The Good Fight”

This week’s episode of Cult was a bit of a departure from the previous episodes as Skye fell victim to the drug her friend Lexi slipped her at the fan party the night before. Instead of her and Jeff running around looking for Nate, the audience went on a drug-induced trip with Skye as she became trapped […]

I’m Just Letting You to Know I Know : Cult Episode (1×05) Review – “The Kiss”

Since the beginning it has appeared that there was more to the Billy / Kelly relationship then first meets the eye. In “The Kiss” we learn that they once were married. Billy’s refusal to let one of his followers go isn’t as cut and dry as previously thought. He’s a man who’s lost his wife, and […]

Cult Episode (1×04) Review – “Get with the Program”

Last week’s episode of Cult piqued my interest but this week the only thing of interest was Cult Deprogrammer Ross (Sorry Matty D.). Jeff and Skye met a woman from a chatroom whose husband may have disappeared thanks to the True Believers. Since she is afraid of anyone she doesn’t know, the woman hires Ross to check […]

Cult Episode (1×03) Review – “Being Billy”

“Being Billy” was the episode I had waited for since Cult first premiered. The episode was a tight suspense yarn that added more mystery surrounding Nate Sefton’s disappearance as it also gave some startling revelations – Nate apparently is alive and well, and an active participant in the Cult. No longer does the series use cheesy background […]

Cult Episode (1×02) Review – “In the Blood”

The 2nd episode of the CW’s newest series, Cult, is much improved from last week’s premiere episode. However it may be too late to save this series now that it has been banished to Friday night’s. “In the Blood” focused on the inner workings of Billy Grimm’s cult, which allowed us to learn more information about Kelly’s […]

Cult Episode (1×01) Review – “You’re Next”

After actor Matt Davis left the popular CW show, The Vampire Diaries, his fans have been eagerly anticipating his new show. Cult is a very complicated concept that true fans of science fiction/thriller will love, but may alienate some of Davis’ hardcore fans due to its convoluted storyline. Cult Episode (1×03) Synopsis – “Being Billy” The series is very […]