Breaking Bad Episode (5×16) “Felina” – MVA Revealed

Breaking Bad’s Walter White is Finally Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door It’s been five long years, but this week AMC’s Breaking Bad said farewell. The series had one of the best cast in television, and each one has given a fantastic performance over the past five seasons. While there are many actors on the […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×16) Review – “Felina”

Breaking Bad Says Good-Bye to Walter White in  a Jaw-Dropping Finale RELATED | Breaking Bad: Inside Episode 5×15 – “Granite State” For the past five seasons Breaking Bad has explored morality. Is it ok that an out of work high school chemistry teacher manufactures and sells meth, because he wants to leave money to his […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×15) “Granite State” – MVA Revealed

Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman Suffers Another Loss in “Granite State” Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman has to be one of the unluckiest characters on television. In episode 515, “Granite State,” Pinkman tried to escape his enslavement as a meth cook for the Aryan Brotherhood, but ended up losing one of the few people left in his […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×15) Review – “Granite State”

Breaking Bad Prepares Fans to Say Good-Bye with “Granite State” RELATED | Breaking Bad: Inside Episode 5×14 – “Ozymandias” AMC’s Breaking Bad winds down to the second to last episode. Hank’s death last week has destroyed the White/Schrader family leaving Marie devastated and Walter in hiding. It was bad enough for their relationships once Hank and Marie […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×14) “Ozymandias” – MVA Revealed

Walter White’s Decline as Leader Continues With Devastating Consequences in This Week’s Episode of Breaking Bad RELATED | Breaking Bad Episode (5×13) “To’hajiilee” – MVA Revealed On episode 5×14 of AMC’s Breaking Bad, Walter White lost the remainder of the few things he had left. Not only did Walter watch as Jack killed an unarmed […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×14) Review – “Ozymandias”

Last week’s episode of Breaking Bad left viewers with a Mexican Stand-off between Hank and Gomez and Neo Nazi killers. The cliffhanger made it clear that people were going to die, but the question of who loomed over the week leading up to episode 5×14, “Ozymandias.” The title refers to the poem by Percy Bysshe […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×13) “To’hajiilee” – MVA Revealed

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston’s Brings Subtly to “To’hajiilee’s” Climax RELATED | Bryan Cranston’s Talking Bad Interview on Walter White Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston’s furious search for Jesse came to a head this week in episode 513 “To’hajiilee” when he orchestrated a hit gone awry. For the past several episodes we’ve watched as Walter White tried […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×13) Review – “To’hajiilee”

AMC’s Breaking Bad Gears Up to Go Out in a Blaze of Glory in “To’hajiilee” Each episode of Breaking Bad seems more bananas than the last. All season long Walter and Jesse have been in a battle of wills (and wits). Usually you would assume Walter would be the one to win the match because […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×12) Review – “Rabid Dog”

Breaking Bad’s Walter White Orders a Hit on His Right-Hand Man in “Rabid Dog” RELATED | Breaking Bad Episode (5×13) Promo – “To’hajiilee” OMG, there are only four episodes of Breaking Bad left  and I don’t think I can handle it! Each week as Hank builds a case against Walter, the series becomes more and […]

Breaking Bad Episode (5×11) “Confessions” – MVA Revealed

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Proves Why He Deserves His 2013 EMMY Nomination Picking a Most Valuable Actor for last night’s episode of Breaking Bad was a tough choice. I know I say that often when it comes to this show, and it’s the truth. In last night’s episode, Walter and Skylar tried to get Hank […]