Book Review: Love You to Death (Season 5: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries)

Damon: Did you think I was going to go on a rampage, slaughter a bunch of innocent people, go bowling with human heads? What’d you think I was gonna do? Stefan: Hate me. I thought you would hate me.” Just in time for an all-new season of the CW’s, The Vampire Diaries, authors Crissy Calhoun and Heather […]

Book Review: Love You to Death – The Unofficial Companion to the Vampire Diaries (Season 4)

Author Crissy Calhoun’s latest installment in her Love You To Death: The Unofficial Companion to The Vampire Diaries is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, October 1, 2013. This time the author is joined by fellow author Heather Vee (A Visitor’s Guide to Mystic Falls), co-owner of Vampire-Diaries.Net. Besides authoring these companion books, Calhoun also […]

The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×18) – “American Gothic”

I really liked this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries. I’m not sure if it’s because Katherine and Elijah, my two favorite characters, were in the episode or what, but “American Gothic” was a lot better than the previous episode. Not only did we get to see the majority of the characters actively doing something to help […]

“Excuse You.” : The Vampire Diaries Episode (1×17) Review – “Because the Night”

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was a very fun ride. Great music, flashbacks, new Elena hair, and Lexi. However, as much fun as I had watching “Because the Night,” after it was over I realized the episode was a little like Chinese food. Great while you’re eating it, but not very filling after you’re done. […]

The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×16) Review – “Bring It On”

You may remember the 2000 film Bring it On starring Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku, or maybe you don’t. The episode was basically about two rival cheerleading teams fighting to compete at the National Cheerleading Championships, and bringing home the trophy. Kirsten played the captain of the Rancho Verde Torros who had taken over the team as […]

The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×15) Recap – “Stand By Me”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries… Jeremy died. Katherine returned. Silas is risen. Like the Stephen King novella and film by director Rob Reiner (1986) of the same name, “Stand By Me” dealt with the pain of loss, the power of friendship, and the decisions we make that can change our lives forever. “There’s no science here. […]

ICYMI: “We’re All Mad Here”: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×14) Review – “Down the Rabbit Hole”

As you may have notices I didn’t do a “Previously…” this week. That’s because I honestly have no clue what happened in the last episode except a big heaping of B.S., which Shane finally admitted to in “Down the Rabbit Hole.” Everything he has told the Mystic Fallians was a load of crap. His desire to […]

ICYMI: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×13) Review – “Into the Wild”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries… Elena instituted her plan to kill Kol, and succeeded. Bonnie embraced the Dark Side. Klaus babysat Damon in the Salvatore Dungeon of Doom. Rudy Hopkins (Bonnie’s Dad) put vervain in the water system. Stefan and Rebekah Danced on the Ceiling at the 80’s Dance. Like the musical, “Into the Woods,” the […]

“Until We Dance Into the Fire” : The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×12) Recap – “A View to a Kill”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries… Klaus’ compelled bar vampires attacked Matt. Elena saved the day. Stefan and Rebekah searched Shane’s office for Silas’ tombstone. Contemplated becoming ‘friends with benefits.’ Kol killed Vamps, attacked Jeremy, and compelled Damon. (Compelled) Damon attempted to murder Jeremy so Silas couldn’t be awaken. Stefan saved the day. Damon got bled, and […]

ICYMI: The Vampire Diaries Episode (4×11) Recap – “Catch Me If You Can”: “Well, would you like to hear me tell a joke?”

Previously on The Vampire Diaries… Damon acted like Molly Ringwald in 16 Candles, hoping Elena would show up at the lake house in a Corvette. Rebekah mean girled Elena, Stefan, and Caroline. Stefan got his heart-broken some more. Caroline is the worst best friend ever. Elena is secretly a bitch. Tyler grieved. Sheriff Forbes and the new […]