Betrayal Review Episode (1×13) – “… A Better Place.”

ABC’s Betrayal winds up its first season nice and neat, but leaves space for a second season despite highly unlikely chance of getting renewed. RELATED | Betrayal Episode (1×12) Review – “Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth…” In an episode that seemed to move at the speed of light, Sara’s shooter turned out to be Vic, […]

Betrayal Episode (1×12) Review – “Sharper Than a Serpent’s Tooth…”

ABC’s Betrayal Winds Down First Season in a Hail of Bullets As we head towards the season one finale of ABC’s Betrayal, we come closer to discovering who shot Sara Hanley. With Uncle Lou’s killer unmasked, Jack working for the prosecution to put Thatcher behind bars, and Jack and Sara’s romance on a break the […]

Betrayal Episode (1×11) Review – “…The Karsten Way”

ABC’s Betrayal Finally Gives Fans the Answers They’ve Been Waiting For The Winter Hiatus is over! At least for ABC’s Betrayal. The freshman sudser returned with a vengeance this week by unmasking Uncle Lou’s killer. Though I haven’t cared much for this storyline, I have to admit that the reveal gave the mystery about a […]

Betrayal Episode (1×10) Review – “…Number 16″

ABC’s Betrayal Tries To Make Sense of Jack and Sara’s Love Affair With Possible Unforeseen Explanation All season long I have pondered Jack McAllister and Sara Hanley’s affair, and in the Betrayal winter finale there seemed to be an answer: Jack was using Sara to keep tabs on Drew and get away with murder. Except […]

Betrayal Episode (1×09) Review – “This Road Isn’t Even on The Map…”

Many Promises Were Made on This Week’s Betrayal, But Will They Prove Empty? After a two-week hiatus, ABC’s Betrayal returned this week with an all-new episode. “This Road Isn’t Even on The Map…” focused on how people give their hearts to people without any sort of guarantee. What makes someone believe they’ll be with their […]

Betrayal Episode (1×08) Review – “…One More Shot”

ABC’s Betrayal Reminds Us That What Doesn’t Kill Us Will Make Us Stronger Betrayal’s Sara and Jack are still facing the consequences of their actions in episode 108, “…One More Shot.” In this episode, Jack discovers just how separate he is from his family while attending the twin’s birthday dinner. As far as his kids […]

Betrayal Episode (1×07) Review – “…We’re Not Going to Bailey’s Harbor”

ABC’s Betrayal Continues to Explore the Ramifications of Infidelity Now that Drew has discovered Sara’s infidelity with his nemesis, Jack McAllister, Jack and Sara must deal with the consequences of their Betrayal. In episode 107, Sara loses her home after Drew puts her out following his discovery, and Jack is forced to come clean to […]

Betrayal Episode (1×05) “…Nice Photos” – MVA Revealed

Betrayal’s Chris Johnson Gives Audiences Someone to Root For ABC’s Betrayal may be about a torrid affair between Jack McAllister and Sara Hanley, but it’s also about a young prosecutor named Drew Stafford out to bring down A corrupt corporate tycoon. As hot as the scenes between Jack and Sara are, it’s Chris Johnson’s portrayal […]

Betrayal Episode (1×05) Review – “…Nice Photos”

ABC’s Betrayal Is Exposed When Drew Discovers Sara’s Affair ABC’s Betrayal really heated up this Sunday with “… Nice Photos.” In the episode Drew attempted to find a way to bring the Karstens down, just as Jack discovered the wiretap. Meanwhile TJ try to assert his independence and Sara and Jack’s liaison got discovered. Betrayal […]

Betrayal Episode (1×04) Review – “…That’s Not What Ships Are Built For”

ABC’s Betrayal this time around is way more believable in “…That’s Not What Ships Are Built For” RELATED | Betrayal Episode 1×04 “…That is not what ships are built for” Synopsis Last nights episode of Betrayal with the most cohesive episode to date. Not only did The series return to showcasing Sarah and Jack’s relationship but […]