Arrow Episode (2×19) Review – “The Man Under The Hood”

As Oliver Looks For Slade’s Weakness, He Remembers That Once You Take a Life, It Changes You Forever After a mini-hiatus, Arrow swings back to primetime with an all-new episode that was definitely worth the wait. As Oliver and Team Arrow try to stop Slade’s plan to build a super soldier army, Oliver and Moira […]

Arrow Episode (2×18) Review – “Deathstroke”

Yes Another Character Learns Oliver’s Secret in This Week’s Arrow This week’s Arrow revealed shocking revelations to two characters who had previously been out of the loop, Oliver discovered that sometimes his mother’s advice should be heeded, and a member of Team Arrow left Starling City in the wake of Thea’s kidnapping and release. Oliver […]

Arrow Episode (2×17) Review – “Birds of Prey”

The Huntress Returns This Week on Arrow Ever since Oliver discovered his old friend Slade Wilson was alive, well, and living in Starling City, Oliver knew it wouldn’t be long before they came to blows. All season long Slade’s henchmen have been making things hard for Oliver, but it wasn’t until Slade inserted himself into […]

Arrow Episode (2×16) Review – “The Suicide Squad”

The Suicide Squad was a Major Hit, While Oliver and Sara’s Romantic Drama was a Definite Miss on This Week’s Arrow This week’s episode of Arrow was filled with DC Comics nods, which made watching it even more fun than usual, but they weren’t what made this episode. That would be the fact that it was […]

Arrow Episode (2×15) Review – “The Promise”

Oliver Discovers He and Slade Have Irreconcilable Differences in This Weeks Arrow Ever since it was first revealed that Oliver’s friend Slade Wilson was alive and well in Starling City, we have waited for the show to reveal how Slade went from being Ollie’s friend to his worst enemy. All season long, Arrow has unraveled […]

Arrow Episode (2×13) Review – “Heir to the Demon”

Tensions Reached An All-New High This Week on the CW’s Arrow Oliver’s desperate bid to get Sara Lance to return to Starling City to help her ailing sister may have been the Arrow’s worst move as far as Laurel’s concerned, but it turned out to work in his favor. Though Sara may have returned, she […]

Arrow Review Episode (2×12) – “Tremors”

“Tremors” couldn’t have shaken up this week’s Arrow even if the Earthquake machine actually went off. Out of all the episodes of Arrow to date, I have to say that “Tremors” is my least favorite episode to date. Never did I think an episode of Oliver helping Roy adapt to his new powers would be […]

Arrow Episode (2×11) Review – “Blind Spot”

Laurel Lance Discovers that Not Everybody’s What They Seem on This Week’s Arrow Laurel Lance has finally hit rock bottom, while Roy has decided to reach for the stars. On this week’s episode of Arrow, Oliver’s attention was pulled in many different directions thanks to Laurel’s investigation of Sebastian and Roy’s blatant use of superpowers […]

Arrow Review Episode (2×10) – “Blast Radius”

Arrow’s Oliver Queen Battles a Green-Eyed Monster and a Would-Be Assassin in “Blast Radius” Arrow isn’t just one of the best shows on the CW Network, but is quickly becoming one of the best on television. Period. The Green vigilante and his crew have returned to protecting Starling City from all those who would love […]

Arrow Episode (2×07) Review – “The State Vs. Queen”

The Dead Has Arisen! I’ve been noticing a trend this season on television. I’m not sure if it’s the success of cable’s foray into series television or what, but network television has gotten darker this season. The CW’s Arrow is definitely one to follow suit. Season 2 has done mostly away with the camp and […]