Deception Episode (1×11) Review – “I’ll Start With the Hillbilly”

Last night was the season finale of NBC’s Deception, which did indeed deliver on the promise to reveal Vivian Bower’s killer. After shows like The Killing, who promised to reveal the long-awaited killer, only to pull the rug out from under their audience, it’s easy to become jaded when a Network promises to reveal all. Kudos to NBC for doing […]

Deception Episode (1×10) Review – “You’re the Bad Guy”

NBC’s Deception hasn’t been the most even keeled new series, but the last few episodes have been what the show originally promised. “You’re the Bad Guy” gave us what is supposed to be Vivian Bower’s killer, but considering there’s still one episode left it’s highly doubtful that it’s Audrey. Based on the bracelet Joanna found in the […]

Deception Episode (1×09) Review – “Good Luck with Your Death”

In “Good Luck with Your Death,”  the hunt for Vivian Bower’s killer hit close to home as Robert Bowers seemed more like a viable suspect. Deception took a while to get started but these last couple episodes have been right on track for a suspense yarn. While Robert gave threats, Edward seemed to see them everywhere, but […]

Deception Episode (1×08) Review – “Stay With Me”

Last night’s episode of Deception finally delivered the episode I’ve been waiting for. Not to say the series isn’t still without its problems, it is, but last night the series showed they’re capable of delivering the kind of suspense a show like this should have. Deception Episode (1×08) Promo & Synopsis – “Stay with Me” Take at […]

ICYMI: Deception Episode (1×06) Review – “Don’t Be a Dummy”

When a young Mia Bowers discovered the person she thought was her sister was in fact her biological mother she understandably flipped out. Humiliated in public, Mia took off with Kyle for parts unknown while her parents, Sofia and Robert, worried about her emotional well-being. As the Bowers scrambled to control the situation, Joanna had […]

Deception Episode (1×05) Review – “Why Wait?”

Joanna may be in the dog house with both Will and Julian, but she doesn’t let it get in the way of the investigation. This week on Deception Joanna looked for the evidence Ben and Vivian were trying to get their hands on before Vivian died. As Joanna tried to find evidence to back up Ben’s theory […]

Deception Episode (1×04) Review – “One, Two, Three… One, Two, Three”

Last night’s episode of Deception showed some growth, but it’s still not where it needs to be. “One, Two, Three… One, Two, Three” dealt mainly with the ramifications of Joanna living a double-life. In one life she’s a police detective searching for her childhood best friend’s murderer, and carrying on a romantic relationship with her FBI handler. […]

ICYMI: Deception Episode (1×03) Review – “A Drop of Blood and a Microscope”

Joanna continued her investigation into Vivian Bowers’ murder, but found herself getting drawn into old habits. When Julian whisked Joanna away to the Bahamas for a business trip, the childhood sweethearts realized that their attraction towards one another still exists. Back on the mainland, Joanna saw evidence that Julian may have in fact murdered his […]

ICYMI: Deception Episode (1×02) Review – “Nothing’s Free Little Girl”

On this week’s episode of Deception, Joanna continued to investigate Vivian Bower’s death. In this episode, Joanna went to work for Bower Pharmaceuticals at Robert’s suggestion, but her new position wasn’t well received by Edward. I can understand why Edward would be leery. His sister just died, and someone has implanted themselves in  the midst of his […]

Deception Episode (1×01) Review – “Pilot”

NBC’s newest mystery drama Deception (previously titled Infamous) centers around the mysterious death of troubled socialite Vivian Bowers, who appears to have died from a drug overdose. The authorities, however, believe there was foul play involved. That’s where Det. Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good) comes in. Deception Episode (1×02) Promo – “Nothing’s Free, Little Girl” Joanna grew up with […]