DC Comics Arrive on Nook

The war is over! Barnes & Noble and DC Comics have finally settled their dispute. It began in late 2011 after DC Comics gave Amazon the exclusive rights to 100 of their best-selling books for the Kindle Fire. B&N’s response? Pulling all physical titles from their bookstores nationwide.  But now, comic book fans, the feud […]

The Cult of Apple

For decades the idea of “Keeping up with the Joneses” has permeated American society. It hasn’t been as evident as it is now in the Age of Apple. When the new iPad was announced it was all anyone seemed to be able to talk about. Everywhere I went it was the main topic of conversation. […]

Barnes & Noble Attempts to Knock-Out Amazon with New eReader

Barnes and Noble has taken another swing at competitor Amazon with the new release of a lower priced Nook Tablet. This new eReader sells for $199 making it more competitive with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, and cheaper than the original Nook Tablet. Also like the Fire, the new Nook has 8 GB. What gives the Nook […]

Nook Review: Turn About is Fair Play

This past Christmas season I spent some time playing around with the new Kindle Fire. Since I already have a Kindle with Keyboard, I was interested in making a switch within the same family, and proceeded to check it out. I liked the Kindle Fire, and staying in the Kindle family would allow me to move […]

Kindle Fire: A must have this holiday season?

Today marks the second time I’ve spent 5 minutes playing with Amazon’s new Kindle Fire. The first time, I felt frustrated since I figured it would only take me 2 seconds to decide how to work it. I am an iPhone owner, and this seemed similar. This time it did take me that long. Don’t […]

Apple Comes Out With Guns Blazing

July 3, 2011 Summertime brings fireworks, warm weather, and the latest releases from tech powerhouse Apple, Inc. On June 6, 2011, Apple gave it’s annual keynote address at the World Wide Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA. The event dew over 5,200 attendees, 1,000 of which were Apple engineers. Steve Jobs unveiled OSx Lion, iOS5, […]