Scandal Rewind: “Hell Hath No Fury” (1×03)

While Pope & Assoc. continue to investigate the Amanda Tanner / President Grant case, an old client of Olivia’s asks for their help. Sandra Harding’s (JoBeth Williams) son Travis (Michael Cassidy) is in the middle of a rape trial, and Helen needs Olivia’s assistance keeping Travis on the straight and narrow. What Helen and Olivia […]

Scandal Rewind: Episode (1×02) “Dirty Little Secrets”

While the wrap-around story about the Presidential sex scandal continues, Pope & Associates gets a new case. What happens when Washington D.C.’s biggest madame gets arrested? “Are you suddenly the patron saint of street walkers now?” Sharon Marquette is about to be brought up on charges for prostitution, so of course she goes to Olivia Pope […]

Scandal Re-watch – Episode (1×01) “Sweet Baby”

Now that the first season of ABC’s Scandal is over I have decided to do a series re-watch. Now that I have seen all the double-dealings, back-stabbings, and cliffhangers, I am curious to see where the seeds were planted. In a show like this with lots of intrigue, and jaw-dropping reveals, writers tend to plant clues […]

Scandal – This Show is Insane in the Best Way Possible

Originally posted on Onlymystory's Blog:
Four weeks ago, I stopped watching Scandal. It wasn’t the show’s fault. In fact I was still loving the show. But it aired on Thursday nights & like everything else, The Vampire Diaries tends to be the only Thurs show I can handle. Plus at this point we were…