Snake Charmer Daniel Radcliffe is a Bit ‘Horny’

This week I am collaborating with Tamara from Shelf Addiction on reviewing Daniel Radcliffe’s latest film, Horns. Radcliffe first hit the screen in 1999’s David Copperfield, but later became known thanks to a little film a worldwide phenomenon, Harry Potter. Unlike many child stars, Daniel has found success as an adult, but like his earlier films, his new movie dances on the dark […]

Only God Forgives Offers Gritty Existential Crime Drama Set in Thailand

Director Nicolas Winding Refn’s gritty existential crime drama, Only God Forgives stars Ryan Gosling (Drive), Kristin Scott Thomas (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen), and Vithaya Pansringarm (The Hangover Part II). Gosling stars as Julian, an American fugitive living in Thailand whose brother is killed after having savagely murdered a young prostitute. Kristin Scott Thomas plays his mother, Crystal, […]

Movie Review: Savages

The other day I gave you a book review of Savages written by Don Winslow. Today I saw the film adapted by his novel, and loved it! Book Review: Savages Like the novel, the film tells the story of three friends living the dream in southern California. Ben and Chon run a boutique marijuana business, and Ophelia […]

Movie Review: Prometheus

Last night I went to see Prometheus. I’ve been waiting for the Alien prequel from the moment I first heard it was going to be made into a feature film. My mouth dropped the moment I first watched the teaser trailer, so say I had high hopes for this film is putting kind of lightly. Prometheus: Birth of a […]

Prometheus: Birth of a Face Hugger

Anyone who knows me is aware that Alien is my all-time favorite film. I’ve seen it so many times that I’ve actually lost count. But I do remember that I first saw it in 1983, and I’ll cop to having watched it once a month on average since. Some years I watch it more than […]

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Water for Elephants Book & Film Review

My second book towards my 60 books in 2012 goal was Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. I’ve had this book on my Kindle since October, and decided to read it while I wait for my books from the library to become available. I heard good things about this book, and it didn’t disappoint. Water for […]