The Walking Dead Episode (4×15) Review – “Us

In This Weeks The Walking Dead It Ends Or A New Chapter Begins – Welcome to Terminus Ever since the prison massacre our survivors of The Walking Dead have searched for one another as they head towards Terminus, a town where “For all that arrive, survive.” This week in episode 415, they’ve finally made it. Glenn […]

The Walking Dead Episode (4×14) Review – “The Grove”

On The Walking Dead, Everything Turned Out the Way it Was Supposed To This week’s episode of The Walking Dead was a tough one to watch. Not only did we see the decline of an already mentally unstable child, but we got to witness the murder of two children as well. One of the biggest mysteries […]

The Walking Dead Episode (4×13) Review – “Alone”

What About Bob? – in this episode of The Walking Dead As the fourth season of The Walking Dead begins to wind down, the show decided to treat the audience to a bit of Bob’s history. Not only do we discover what he went through before he hooked up with Rick & Co., but we also […]

The Walking Dead Episode (4×12) Review – “Still”

“Welcome to the Dogtrot” in this episode of The Walking Dead This week’s installment of The Walking Dead was essentially one huge snoozefest, but it was good to check in with Daryl and Beth. Last time we saw them Beth was struggling with her grief over Hershel’s death and losing her family. While she and […]

The Walking Dead Episode (4×11) Review – “Claimed”

Rick, Carl and Michonne Play House on This Week’s Episode of The Walking Dead This week’s episode of The Walking Dead focused on Rick, Carl and Michonne’s little “family,” and how they’ve managing to survive. When we last saw them, Rick was comatose from the injuries he sustained from his beat down at the hands […]

The Walking Dead Episode (4×10) Review – “Inmates”

The Survivors Contemplated Following the Tracks in This Week’s Episode Last week when The Walking Dead returned from its long hiatus, viewers found out what Rick, Carl and Michonne had been up after the prison massacre. Rick, nearly comatose from his wounds, left Carl alone to fend for himself as the kid dealt with his […]

The Walking Dead Episode (4×09) Review – “After”

The Walking Dead Returns with an Existential Look at Life After the Prison Massacre This week AMC’s The Walking Dead returns after an awfully long and painful hiatus. When we last saw the survivors, The Governor and his men had stormed the prison in what amounted to a bloodbath. Hershel lost his head, the Governor […]

The Walking Dead Episode (4×06) Review – “Live Bait”

The Governor Returns! Good-bye Philip Blake! The Governor’s new name is Brian Heriot and he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, viewers learned what the Governor has been doing since we last saw him ride off with Martinez and that other dude in the season 3 […]

The Walking Dead Episode 4×05 Review – “Internment”

The Governor Shall Rise Again? This week’s installment of AMC’s The Walking Dead was filled with more of season 4′s viral zombies as the mutated flu claimed more victims. Hershel held the group together and saved as many lives as he could, while Rick tried to keep back the zombie hoard along the fences and bonded […]

The Walking Dead 4×03 Review – “Isolation”

The Walking Dead Unmasks a Murderer As the Virus Spreads This week Rick and the gang continued to battle the mutated flu virus, as Tyreese investigated the prison murders. Tensions rose as more and more of the survivors fell ill and people began to become unhinged at the thought that there’s a murder amongst them. […]