ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×08) Review: “Made to Suffer”

Previously on The Walking Dead, “When the Dead Come Knocking,” an injured Michonne arrives at the prison with bad news. Glenn and Maggie learn that man is a great threat then the zombies ever could be. Andrea and the Governor become intimate. Once the prison survivors learn about Glenn and Maggie’s predicament, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and […]

ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×07) Review: “When the Dead Come Knocking”

Last week episode of The Walking Dead, Rick dealt with his grief, faced his fears, and came out on the other side ready to rejoin the rest of the survivors. The Governor and Andrea grew closer as they gave into their desires for one another, and Andrea decided to stay with him in Woodbury. Merle gave chase […]

The Walking Dead Episode (3×05) Review: “Say the Word”

On the last episode of The Walking Dead two of the survivors died. T-Dog sacrificed himself to save Carol since he had already been bitten. Lori sacrificed herself for her baby. Now that two of the survivors are down, how will the gang cope? In Woodbury, Michonne plans her and Andrea’s escape, while Andrea gets seduced by […]

The Walking Dead Episode (3×04) Review: “Killer Within”

In last week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Andrea and Michonne’s curiosity over a downed helicopter led them right into the hands of the Governor. Merle Dixon rose from the dead, and gained a unique prosthesis. No news on our favorite prison gang, but from the way the Governor has a penchant for killing innocent people, […]

ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×03) Review: “Walk with Me”

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and Co. took over the prison, and all but wiped out the remaining prisoners. Hershel survived his amputation, but not after giving the women a scare. Carl proves he can handle himself when he goes off on his own in search of medical supplies, and kills 2 Walkers […]

ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×02) Review: “Sick”

The Walking Dead returns with an all-new episode. When we last saw the gang they had begun to take over an abandoned prison, but found out it was filled with Walkers. And also a few surviving prisoners. Hershel got his calf muscle eaten by a zombie playing opossum. Michonne and Andrea were on their own trying […]

ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×01) – “Seed” Review

For weeks, AMC has been giving audiences great promos to get them geared for season 3 of The Walking Dead. Now the wait is over. In the season 4 premiere, “Seed,” Rick & Co. take over a prison so Lori can safely give birth to her baby. Meanwhile, Michonne and Andrea fend for themselves as a […]

The Walking Dead – “Cherokee Rose” Review

Warning! Spoilers! Also, Zombies! The Walking Dead returns this week right where we left off, per usual. The gang is still looking for Sofia while Rick and Lori stand vigil with Carl. Shane is still living a lie, and Andrea continues to cozy up to him. Hit the road Jack Rick! Hershel Greene is beginning […]

Is the Supernatural Craze Really at an End?

With the final Harry Potter installment due to hit theaters on the July 15th, and the end of the Twilight Saga fast approaching, many have been wondering if we are witnessing the demise of the supernatural craze. The internet has been buzzing with all of the Harry Potter coverage from the “Deathly Hallows Part 2” premiere today […]