The Walking Dead Episode (4×02) Review – “Infected”

The Walking Dead Shows How Fast This New Strain of Virus Can Spread In The Walking Dead season four premiere we found out that the survivors have more to worry about then the walkers. Now they have a deadly virus that appears to be airborne and appears as the flu. When Carl’s friend Patrick ended […]

The Walking Dead Episode (4×01) Review – “30 Days Without an Accident”

The Walking Dead Returned With Quiet Premiere Episode Belying the Quiet Before the Storm RELATED | The Walking Dead Casts Two Pivotal Comic Characters (SPOILERS) After a slowly paced third season, AMC’s The Walking Dead returned this week with a phenomenal new episode, “30 Days Without an Incident.” While this premiere episode was slower paced […]

You Kill or You Die: The Walking Dead Episode (3×16) Review – “Welcome to the Tombs”

The 3rd season finale of The Walking Dead was a major turning point in the series. Besides losing another character that’s been around since the beginning, we also got to see one of our own become hardened to their new reality. As always the body count was high, and unfortunately many of the deceased were decent people […]

The Greater Good : The Walking Dead Episode (3×15) Review – “This Sorrowful Life”

When there’s only two episode left of The Walking Dead you know things are about to get rough. So when Daryl lost his brother tonight it shouldn’t have been a shock. But it was. Rick has been mulling over the Governor’s treaty terms for the past two days, and now it’s time to give an answer. Though […]

The Walking Dead Episode (3×14) Review – “Prey”

“Prey” was a reminder that though The Walking Dead is a show about how human nature can turn on a dime when civilization breaks down, it’s still a horror show at its heart. And what no better way to remind your audience what they’re watching than with a chase through a dark, creepy, abandoned warehouse filled with […]

The Walking Dead Episode (3×13) Review – “Arrow on the Doorpost”

After 12 episodes of The Walking Dead this season, the Governor and Rick finally came face-to-face. While Rick was interested in discussing what was best for his people, the Governor was only concerned about what was best for himself. “Arrow on the Doorpost” may not have been as action-packed as some other episodes this season, but it arguably […]

The Walking Dead Episode (3×12) Review – “Clear”

Episode 312 of The Walking Dead showed just how far Rick, Carl, and Michonne have come in the time we’ve known them. Rick was a sheriff who believed in maintaining peace and order. He had a good heart, and it often got him into trouble by trusting the wrong people. Carl was once a little boy who’s […]

The Walking Dead Episode (3×11) Review – “I Ain’t a Judas”

“I Ain’t a Judas” featured the return of Andrea to the friends she hasn’t seen since the farm on season 2 of The Walking Dead. Andrea is mistakenly under the impression that she can forge a truce between the Prison / Woodbury factions. The Governor lets her go see her friends, but it isn’t for benevolent reasons. […]

The Walking Dead Episode (3×10) Review – “Home”

As the battle between the prison survivors and the Woodbury crew races towards its climax, Rick is having an existential crisis. Hell, Rick is going bat shit crazy, and there’s nothing anyone can do. In “Home,” Glenn decides to step up as the de-facto new leader of the prison crew much to the chagrin of basically everyone […]

ICYMI: The Walking Dead Episode (3×09) Review – “The Suicide King”

After a 2 month hiatus, AMC’s The Walking Dead is back with a vengeance. Though Rick, Michonne, and Maggie were able to rescue Daryl and Merle from the Governor’s clutches, Rick & Co didn’t get the happy ending they were looking for. Merle has never gotten along with the rest of the group, so when Rick told […]