The Walking Dead Episode 4×05 Review – “Internment”

The Walking Dead Review The Walking Dead Episode 4x05 Review   Internment

The Governor Shall Rise Again?

This week’s installment of AMC’s The Walking Dead was filled with more of season 4′s viral zombies as the mutated flu claimed more victims. Hershel held the group together and saved as many lives as he could, while Rick tried to keep back the zombie hoard along the fences and bonded with his son Carl. Only a Maggie, Hershel, and Carl know what happened with Carol, but Daryl is soon to find out. Telling Daryl that Carol isn’t coming back is the least of Rick’s worries. The fences have collapsed, and an unseen Governor lurks in the woods nearby, biding time ’til he enacts his revenge.

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“If she saw me, you couldn’t keep her out.” Hershel was fantastic this week as the prison doctor/zombie slayer. The mutated flu continued to sweep through the prison, and while Dr. Caleb succumbed to the infection, the greater threat came when other turned prisoners began to attack the infected inside the cell block. Things looked pretty bleak for our survivors this week. Glenn looked like he was the virus’ next victim, and the sick only had one-legged Hershel as protection. What was great about these scenes was how tense they were as it appeared several time like no one inside would make it out alive. They also were great as we were reminded just how much of a bad-ass Hershel can really be. It’s been a while since he’s been in kill mode, and his optimistic viewpoint under the dire circumstance makes it easy to forget that Hershel can hold his own when his back is up against the wall. (More…)

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