The Walking Dead 4×03 Review – “Isolation”

The Walking Dead Review The Walking Dead 4x03 Review   Isolation

The Walking Dead Unmasks a Murderer As the Virus Spreads

This week Rick and the gang continued to battle the mutated flu virus, as Tyreese investigated the prison murders. Tensions rose as more and more of the survivors fell ill and people began to become unhinged at the thought that there’s a murder amongst them. In episode 403, “Isolation, ” The afflicted were forced into quarantine while those who have yet to be contaminated searched for a cure before the virus wipes them all out. This episode was a reminder that the zombies aren’t the survivors’ only enemy. While I won’t claim this to be my favorite episode of the season so far, I will say that it was interesting to see how the show made several key references to the comics and didn’t leave us wondering for episodes on end who the murderer was.

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“She wouldn’t want to see you like this.” Last week in the final scene Tyreese found Karen and one of the other Woodbury survivors murdered by being burnt alive. This week Tyreese went on an investigation to discover the murderer’s identity. Unlike Tyreese, I found myself not really caring who the murderer was, but was enjoying the nod to the comic books when Tyreese and Rick came to blows. Both of these men had been wound up pretty tightly and so their fight ended up blowing out of proportion due to them feeling the need to let go of all their stress. Rick said that Karen wouldn’t want to see Tyreese lose his mind over her death, however, Lori died naturally from childbirth and not because she was murdered in cold blood. The prison was meant to be a safe place for all of them to seek refuge and now that one of their own has murdered another, it is no longer the safe-haven they previously thought it to be. (More…)

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